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  • Concealed Weapons License Classes

  • Private Family Firearms Training

  • Private One-on-One Next-Level Firearms Training

  • Military Marksmanship Training for all branches

  • Law Enforcement Advanced Firearms Training

  • Stress-fire (No-Sights) Shooting Techniques

  • Close quarters Stress-Fire Pistol Training

  • Maritime Armed Security Training (MARSEC)

  • Free Gun Rentals with all our classes and range time
FREE CCW Classes for LEO, Active and Military Veterans and free
refresher class for existing FL CWL holders
CLICK HERE for details!
(850) 266-2325
Blackwater Tactical Range is a Federally approved and FL State Licensed Firearms Training Facility.
Whether you're looking for a
simple fast CCW certification or
an Advanced Concealed
Weapons Class, tactical pistol,
carbine, or tactical shotgun
training, Blackwater Tactical
Range meets every level of
training desired by civilians and

BTR is a full-time firearms training
facility that is state and county
licensed, certified, and insured to
operate as such.

BTR trains active LEO's, Military
Special Forces, Private Security
Professionals, and Maritime
Security (MARSEC) privately
contracted armed security
Professionals (PCASP).

BTR utilizes dynamic and static
target training and has the ability
to host private and public
sponsored shooting competitions.

BTR highly encourages the use of
simunitions training with live
human attackers during our
advanced stress-fire training.

Our 800 yard outdoor range area
is massive, but BTR also has a
100' indoor air-conditioned range
for pistol, carbine, long rifle, and
Some laies prefer a a day at the range over the Spa.
Above: Seven-time New York Times bestselling author John Weisman takes a
break from his next novel at BTR.
Above: FM Radio 92.5 Cat Country's Award Winning Radio
Country Music Personality Brent Lane, a very proud daddy!
Below: 10 year old, 72lb Katie handles a 9mm Glock model 26 sub-compact with ease using techniques only taught at
BTR. She handles that gun better than 90% of active LEO's. Go ahead, ask any LEO with advanced pistol training. They
will agree!
Blackwater Tactical Range Feature Story Channel 3 News
Tactical Range
The finest private firearms training in the world. Guaranteed.
6001 Jeff Ates Road Milton, Florida 32583
Please read Capt Ron's
discrimination policy.
BTR has no weapon restrictions. If it fits in your car or or on your Humvee bring it!